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Camella Homes Condo Taft is designed to be an intimate and quiet residential enclave for the students and single professionals. Thus, the developers made sure to create the perfect ambiance to facilitate that kind of living experience for its unit owners and renters. As mentioned earlier, the units are laid out to facilitate a learning environment for the students who live in this condominium. You can also find a wide range of options when it comes to the amenities and facilities you can enjoy. 

First off, it is important to look at the unit specifications as it will have a direct impact on your quality of life in this condominium. Upon turnover of units, the condo buyers can expect to find fully finished units that are ready for moving in. The following are a few of the unit specifications in Camella Condo Homes Taft: ceramic tile flooring, granite countertop, modular kitchen cabinet, painted walls and ceiling, and complete set of bathroom fixtures. There are other inclusions on the units available at Camella Condo Homes Taft such as telephone units, fire sprinkler system, automatic fire and smoke detection system, mailbox assigned for each unit, and provisions for air conditioning and water heating.

In addition to the above specifications for each unit at Camella Condo Homes Taft, you will also find other common building facilities and amenities available for all residents to enjoy. For instance, the entire building is equipped with a 24-hour security system to ensure the safety of all residents. There are security guards at the lobby entrance to monitor the entry and exit of individuals to the building. There are also roving guards (especially at night) to ensure the security of the entire premises. In addition, CCTV cameras will be installed on strategic common areas of the entire building.

There are other building facilities provided for all residents of Camella Condo Homes Taft. For example, there are high-speed elevators that you can use to make it easier to access the higher floors. Meanwhile, there is also a lobby with a concierge staff so someone is readily available to meet your special needs and requests. You can also find a commercial or retail space within the building. You can therefore buy your essential items and other things without the need to step out of the building.

If you are seeking recreational opportunities but too tired to travel somewhere else, you can use the Swimming Pool area at Camella Condo Homes Taft. This is an adult-sized swimming pool that provides you with a place to relax when you had a busy and tiring day. There is also a Sky Garden that you can visit if you want to relax and meditate. This space is created to provide a refuge for your tired minds and body and provide a break from the chaos of city life. 

Other notable facilities and amenities that can be enjoyed at Camella Condo Homes Taft include function rooms, social hall, and a dedicated study room with computers. These facilities are useful for the mostly students who reside in this condominium.

  • Function Hall
  • Pool Deck
  • Reception
  • Sky Garden
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